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Our Values

Steps’ values were made with love by our entrepreneurs back in the early days. They make us very proud, and drive our business decisions every day.

When the Community Succeeds, We Succeed

The community is our backbone and we always try to make decisions with their best interests in mind. It is critical to us that we have a win-win approach to work, and that we get involved with and talk to the community.

The Right People, The Right Environment

We look for smart, curious, capable people with skill, passion and integrity. We trust them and give them the space to act, succeed and learn from mistakes. We support them in their endeavours to grow and develop, and help them to achieve both individually and, more importantly, within their team.

Tell it like it is

We value truthfulness and integrity, openness and transparency, the ability to admit when one is wrong, and the courage it takes to be completely honest. We prize both giving and receiving respectful, constructive and encouraging feedback.

Fair Go

Everyone deserves an equal chance and a fair opportunity. At work, on our sites, and in life we strive to be fair and consistent in everything we do.

Not Just the Bottom Line

We take a long term view of our business and focus on creating value. While we have a healthy appreciation for the bottom line, we are building a sustainable business that creates wealth for many, not just money for some.

Focus on Results

We come to work at Steps to do our best work. We believe in setting clear, fair and challenging goals, and focusing our efforts on doing the right things, and doing them well.

Five ways

Don’t be afraid to say what you think. Strong teams are built on different perspectives.

The future is uncertain, but you can be ready for it.

You can’t be right until you know what’s wrong.

Listen to others and save your energy for what matters.

If you don’t care, why should anyone else?


Steps’ values were made with love by our entrepreneurs back in the early days. They make us very proud, and drive our business decisions every day.


Many of us are able to work from home, a cafe, or a park whenever we want. Yay freedom!


You can work and travel around the world for up to three months every year! But we expect postcards.


Need to work around school drop-offs and pick-ups? Just not a morning person? No worries.


Our social calendar is pretty busy and includes, end-of-year party, pool and table tennis competitions, BBQs and much more!


Steps’ teams are amazing people with mad skills. With our mentoring program you can really learn from the best!


Steps is so proud of everything you do for charity, so proud that we will match what you raise for a Charity in Canada.


At Steps we are about more than the bottom line that’s why we offer a volunteer day for each employee per year so Envatians can give their time to support their chosen charity.


Our remote team members receive a subsidy to come visit Montreal and work from our HQ for a couple of weeks.

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